Employee Network

Employee Networks are firm-sponsored organizations run by volunteer employees and that are designed to enhance employee engagement, deliver substantive content, create a framework for cross-business unit connectivity and idea-sharing, and advance the firm's overall culture of inclusion.


Women’s Business Alliance

Women’s Business Alliance is a strategic, business-driven network that aims to attract, retain, develop and advance the best talent ensuring that Morgan Stanley is the employer of choice for talented women across the financial services industry. Our Tokyo alliance promotes the importance of diversity to business and career success.

Examples of our activities are:

  • Talk events with guests from inside and outside of the firm on the theme of women’s career and working practices
  • Networking event for employees to become better acquainted with colleagues across the firm
  • Sponsorship for other external communities and joint events on the careers of women in finance

Family Network

Family Network aims to provide a forum where working parents, expectant and returning mothers/fathers, as well as people caring for elderly family members can support each other and share experiences, including how to better balance work and family commitments.

Examples of our activities are:

  • Provide learning opportunities and resources tailored to employees with family responsibilities
  • Develop networking and support mechanisms for parents and carers
  • Foster an environment that encourages people with family responsibilities to choose Morgan Stanley as an employer of choice
  • Engage in shaping firm policy to support and encourage family life and the ability to manage family responsibilities as Morgan Stanley employees





Enable Network

Enable Network aims to create a workplace where employees with disabilities and their colleagues can deepen their understanding of each other and express their originalities.

Examples of our activities are:

  • Sign language classes
  • Educational seminars to gain knowledge and understand support methods for people with disabilities
  • Speaker sessions featuring successful professionals who share their own personal experience living and working with a disability to think about our action in the workplace.
  • Events to support athlete employees who are aspiring to compete in the Paralympics..

Pride & Allies Network (LGBT+)

Pride & Allies Network strives to help create and foster an environment of inclusiveness and respect for LGBT+ employees. By empowering our employees and prospective employees to bring their full selves to the table, we leverage difference to drive best-in-class business results and enhance the development of our talented professionals.

Examples of our activities are:

  • In-house talk events with employees who are or whose family are LGBT+
  • LGBT+ movie screenings and sponsorship of LGBT+ film festivals
  • Join pride parades held in Japan
  • Participation in LGBT+ focused career forums

Employee Sustainability Forum

Employee Sustainability Forum is dedicated to promoting awareness of sustainability and ESG related issues as they relate to the Firm by organizing initiatives that drive employee engagement and foster a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for sustainability.

Examples of our activities are:

  • In-house speaker sessions to raise awareness of sustainability and ESG related topics
  • Promote actionable initiatives within the office that enhances employees’ awareness on topics such as energy, water, paper and plastic reduction
  • Provide networking opportunities for employees who are interested in sustainability and ESG related topics