Morgan Stanley Offerings

At Morgan Stanley, we have a genuine interest in our employee’s professional development and wellbeing. Our greatest asset is our people and we take pride in investing in them. Our many work-life programs respond to the diverse needs of our employees. The programs address physical and emotional health, working parent and family concerns, as well as the need for increased flexibility.

Staying Healthy and Balanced

We want our employees to live full and rewarding lives and provide a range of wellness services and programs to care for our employee’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. This includes minimum of 20 days of paid annual leave, flexible work options, annual medical exams, counselling services, wellbeing events, corporate subscription to a mindfulness app, and more.

Caring for Family

We provide various services and programs that are aimed at supporting employees and their families through various stages in life. Working mothers and fathers can take advantage of our generous parental leave policies, expectant parent resources, onsite lactation room, onsite childcare concierge services, slots at a private childcare facility, babysitting discount and subsidies, and more. Family care leave policies and programs as well as eldercare services are provided to support employees caring for aging parents.

Childcare Support Programs

  • Maternity Leave
  • Secondary Carer (Paternity)Leave
  • Adoption Leave
  • Guide for Employees Undergoing Fertility Treatment & Their Managers
  • Childcare Leave (for both male and female eligible employees)
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Accommodations for Expectant and Working Parents
  • Emergency Childcare Leave
  • Corporate Membership and Discounts to Babysitting Services
  • Corporate Childcare Slots
  • Emergency and Back-up Childcare Subsidy
  • Onsite Childcare Concierge Service
  • Mother’s (Lactation) Room
  • Parent’s Handbook

Family Care Support Programs

  • Family Care Absence
  • Family Care Leave
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Work Hour Accommodations
  • Corporate Membership Discounts and Subsidies to Eldercare Services
  • Onsite Consultation with Eldercare Specialist

Compensation and Benefits

Working at Morgan Stanley, you will enjoy highly competitive compensation and benefits offerings that are designed to take care of you and your family members. Wherever possible, equal or similar benefits are provided to employee’s spouses and same-sex domestic partners.

  • Compensation
    In accordance with company policy
  • Salary/Bonus Review
    Once a year
  • Non-working days
    Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and other days designated by the firm.
  • Annual Vacation

    Employees receive a minimum of 20 days.

    (Number of days varies, based on position and length of service.)

  • Other leave entitlements
    Maternity, paternity, childcare, emergency childcare, adoption, family-care, marriage, bereavement.
  • Core Benefits
    Health, life, hospitalization, and long-term disability insurance; retirement benefits, company housing program, employee perks program, childcare and eldercare support programs.