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  • Jun 30, 2020

Support for Employees with Disabilities

Morgan Stanley is committed to providing a work environment where all individuals with or without disabilities can achieve their full potential. In this regard, the firm provides a variety of support for employees based on their needs. In the Tokyo office, we have employees who are aspiring to qualify for the Paralympic as athletes and the firm has supported them as they participate in competitions and training activities.

Enable Network

“Enable Network” was established to create a forum for individuals with disabilities, those that work closely with or care for individuals with disabilities, and for allies of the community to support one another through engaging discussions and relevant content. The network will be a vehicle to discuss opportunities, key issues and challenges to create an inclusive environment regardless of whether you have a disability or not. Please see Employee Network for more information.


Disability Disclosure Guide

While disclosure is a personal choice and employees vary in their preferences to disclose, Morgan Stanley’s “Disability Disclosure Guide” is intended to assist employees make an informed decision to disclose.

Additionally, Morgan Stanley is committed to facilitating reasonable accommodations that enhance an employee’s ability to effectively perform their job.

Examples of accommodations include:

  • Changes in work hours and/or work location
  • Commutation support to and from work
  • Allow time away from work for medical check-up or rehabilitation treatment
  • Changing or adapting work practices and procedures
  • Assigning a “buddy” or mentor who can provide support


Barrier-free Office

The Morgan Stanley Tokyo office is a wheelchair-accessible, barrier-free office with multi-purpose toilets available on each floor.

We accommodate the needs of our employees where possible such as providing voice audio software, offering writing communication, and sign language interpretation.



Morgan Stanley provides equal opportunities for employment regardless of disability. Please see the link below for more information.

Students and Graduates (only in Japanese)
Experienced Professional