R. Yoshikawa

Managing Director, Fixed Income

Ms. Yoshikawa worked at 2 foreign investment banks before joining the firm in 2004, and has spent her entire career as a salesperson in the fixed income business covering a wide range of fixed income products. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Keio University.

Describe your current role at the firm and your responsibilities.

I oversee third party distribution business where we sell our products to Japanese distributors who then sell these products to their clients. I took on a leadership role to build and develop this business post Lehman crisis.  I also cover several large institutional investors and market non-flow products to them. Non-flow products could be a variety of things; non-Japanese securitized products, bilaterally negotiated corporate bonds, derivative embedded products are some examples.

How would you describe the firm's culture?

Morgan Stanley is my third foreign investment bank that I have worked for. I find Morgan Stanley to hold the most collaborative culture with people holding a high level of integrity. People share the same goal to service clients and aspire to generate unique business opportunities for the firm. I also find Morgan Stanley willing to give opportunities to people, giving them the chance to experience various roles within the firm in order for them to advance in their career. 

Tell us about the importance of mentorship at Morgan Stanley.

Mentorship is something that the firm treasures a lot. Within the Fixed Income Division in Japan, we have an established mentorship program which is renewed on a bi-annual basis. Mentorship is not limited to this program. The firm’s culture in general encourages deepening of one’s knowledge and career at every opportunity. We constantly host study sessions or teach-ins for various topics where we welcome anyone interested to join and learn for themselves.    

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