K. Yamaguchi

Executive Director, Institutional Equities

Why did you apply to Morgan Stanley?

I have always been interested in securities companies. I majored in statistics and financial engineering, and tracking the rapidly moving market and using your theories to tackle the true nature of the market always appealed to me. I applied here because I have a strong desire to work with a team that professionally analyzes information and shares their ideas and insights.

What are your impressions of Morgan Stanley since joining the company?

The most surprising thing has been the quality of feedback. Just after joining the company I showed a team member the results of my market analysis. That discussion turned into a team meeting so that we could all exchange ideas and opinions on it. This method of giving feedback — without being bound up in age or titles — and creating teamwork and communication is one of Morgan Stanley's biggest highlights.

What's your day like?

I get to work at 6:30 in the morning and check on the performance of the overseas markets. I also gather information from newspapers and reports by our in-house analysts and attend the morning meeting. I put together my own perspective on the market. Once the market opens I conduct planning for my clients while watching market fluctuations and associated news. After the market closes I review my performance and the market's. After that I gather information from the other traders and salespeople to analyze the market and the corporations, and make preparations for the following day. I usually get home after 7 in the evening.

When do you feel satisfied at work?

I feel a great amount of fulfillment when I'm trading. I'm always considering things while looking at market information, and making my moves while re-evaluating my reasoning. It's really tense, and the time passes so quickly, but if my readings are on point after the market closes I get a great sense of satisfaction. In addition, the fact that I can be given even more responsibility than I ever imagined is also satisfying.

What do you do in your private time?

I work early in the morning so it's difficult to make plans on weekday evenings, but because I can enjoy Friday and Saturday evenings without worrying about the following day I often go out with friends and colleagues. In addition, I work up a sweat while playing futsal, or exploring the city.

Do you have a message for students?

Choosing where to work is one of the biggest decisions in your life. At the same time, it's also a great opportunity to take a good long look at yourself. Start with the knowledge of what you want to do, gather information on industries, corporations, and professions, and make sure to examine the company from many different angles. You should also talk with lots of different people about your plans for the future. Then, pick whichever path will lead you to happiness.

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