E. Goto

Executive Director, Operations


Ms. Goto, an Executive Director with Operations in Morgan Stanley Japan, joined the firm in 2000. She began her career in securities settlement and also worked in trade support, cash management and project management. She currently manages Operational Risk and Regulatory Control.

Describe your work at the firm.

My current role is to manage regulatory reporting for firm transactions, disclosure of interest, as well as client asset segregation in Japan. I also verify my team's regulatory reports. This helps me identify risks and take preventative actions. As a team manager, I also coach and have career conversations with my team members.

How have you progressed at Morgan Stanley?

I've had various functions within Operations. I spent eight years in Tokyo with securities settlement and cash equity trade support. I developed most of my knowledge on market rules and Operations’ core functions there. Then I moved to Hong Kong and worked on a project to build out the Operations Management Information System in 2008. You can imagine how critical it was then for the management team to understand outstanding collateral and customer reserves.

In 2011, I returned to Tokyo and joined the cash management team. My entire career had been in cash equity, so it was an eye-opening experience to understand how the firm manages liquidity. I was also involved in setting up the settlements team in Dalian, China. In 2014, I joined Operational Risk and Regulatory Control to re-establish the team and set up the necessary controls to manage regulatory reporting. It was the most challenging project of my career, and also an exciting moment when we accomplished our goal.

What have you discovered about how to work with others at different levels?

Obviously, working with someone more senior than me inspires creativity. They set high expectations but, at the same time, they are supportive and give guidance. Working with junior members is also inspiring. I learn about both how they feel about the organization and their pain points. I consider their feedback whenever I set team priorities.

What is the importance of “Giving Back"—both at the firm and for you personally?

If I try to give back on my own, with my limited capacity, I would not be able to do much. But the firm offers many volunteer opportunities. Every year, I participate in four to five charity events. I also believe that we have a spirit of “Giving Back" in the team. When I returned from childcare leave, my manager and teammates all supported me to ensure that I could prioritize my family whenever necessary. Now, I’ve reached the stage where I can support other parents who are in the same situation as I was 10 years ago.

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