Why did you choose Morgan Stanley?

I focused my job search on foreign-affiliated companies because of my desire to work with global-minded people in an environment that was diverse, and one where I could grow. I was impressed with the spirit of innovation that I felt from the Morgan Stanley employees, who embodied high professionalism and consciousness toward diversity.

I was convinced that Morgan Stanley was a workplace where each employee could fully utilize his or her abilities and grow, regardless of age, gender or other factors, while working in their own unique way.

What has impressed you about Morgan Stanley since joining the company?

First off, there is an established environment that fosters personal growth. The Finance Department, in particular, has many employees who joined the company as new graduates and have worked there for a long time. There is a firmly entrenched culture of nurturing and developing employees over the long term. There’s already a foundation in place, even for a person such as myself, with almost no background in finance, to fearlessly take the plunge into a completely new world, and learn and grow from scratch.

The second thing is the emphasis on teamwork. Before joining the company, I had the impression that when one mentioned foreign-affiliated finance, it involved a strong sense of individualism. However, there is a deep awareness of moving forward by cooperating with each other.

Is there a moment you felt particularly fulfilled at work?

Several months after joining the company, I was tasked with making our weekly earnings summary reports easier to understand when submitted to management in New York. As a result, the format that I created has become the template for these materials.

Morgan Stanley has a culture of entrusting work to young employees, once they prove themselves. In addition, there is an environment where opinions can be exchanged regardless of age, and changes can be made from the bottom up. I have personally felt that I have grown quickly. I'm confident that I will continue to feel fulfillment in my work here.

What do you do now at the firm?

I work with the Equities Product Control Team in ISG Finance. I am mainly in charge of earnings reports and risk management. After catching up with overnight activity in New York and London, I analyze and verify profits and losses for transactions executed by the Equities Department, and report on the final results to traders and senior management in the afternoon. I also work on projects to increase operational efficiency.

Please tell us about your involvement in any networks or other activities at Morgan Stanley.

I belong to an internal network called the “Women's Business Alliance," and I have been active as a voluntary management member since my first year at the company.

Diversity in the workplace is respected here, and companywide activities promote career improvement and a more efficient work-life balance for employees in various positions, including women. By inviting guest lecturers and planning exchange meetings for the employees, I really feel that I am contributing to a more fulfilling life for employees, as well as helping to develop their careers.

What would you say to a student who is considering a career at Morgan Stanley?

Understand who you are and look for a job that matches your personality as best you can. When you're a student, take advantage of the opportunities you have at college, and apply what you learn from that to your career.

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